are your digestive issues getting in the way of you feeling your best?

If so, you have come to the right place.

The 6-Week Digestive Freedom Coaching Program Helps People Just Like YOU Shift From Feeling Heavy, Tired, and Frustrated, to Lighter, More Energized, and Vibrant!

this program is for you if you are…

- looking to get a personalized 1-on-1 holistic health coaching experience, for the price of a group program.

- motivated to get to the bottom of your digestive issues, so you never have to deal with them again.

- open to using natural tools and techniques to support your digestion so you can feel vibrant and energized.

Digestive Freedom Application Deadline



My name is Jenny Soder and I will be your Natural Health Coach & Registered Holistic Nutritionist for the Digestive Freedom Coaching Program. I am a passionate ex-digestive nightmare who has suffered from IBS, fibromyalgia, breast implant illness, parasites, candida (yeast), dermatitis, and a handful of other nasty imbalances/diseases. Because of those issues, I know first-hand how losing your health can (and will) impact every layer of your being. From losing your social life, to straining your personal relationships, depleting your confidence, life-force, and damaging the exterior of your body. Life seemed a little dull back then.

After taking the time to properly integrate natural tools, techniques, healthy habits, and foods into my life, my digestive system started to improve. With time, education (a few designations), guidance from other natural practitioners, and the determination to live an epic and vibrant life, each one of those imbalances disappeared.

As I sit here preparing this program so I can work with 20 of you, I think back to the hundreds that I have guided over the past eight years. While it may seem like you may have had these issues for a lifetime, and you may doubt that there is greener grass on the other side of your digestive ailments, know that there is hope and it is possible to feel incredible.

All you need to do is take my hand.


digestive freedom coaching program

6-weeks of guidance to help you shift from feeling heavy, tired, and frustrated, to lighter, more energized, and vibrant.

Investment: $480.00 +tax for the 6-weeks

I was shocked at how fast my digestive issues vanished only 3 weeks into working with Jenny. I had been dealing with chronic issues for more than 5 years and I could not be more thrilled with my new normal.
— Karen F

your digestive freedom coaching program inclusions

digestive & lifestyle assessment

Once you have been accepted into the Digestive Freedom 6-week coaching program, we will begin by doing a thorough digestive and lifestyle assessment. You will be sent a set of online holistic health forms to complete which enables me to take a dive deep into your health history, current symptoms, lifestyle habits, and main concerns. Once you have completed that package we will connect online or over the phone for your initial consultation to go through your assessment and discuss what natural tools and supplements will be best suited for your journey.


Now that I know a lot more about you, your body, and your goals, I am able to create an action plan for you to work through for the next two weeks. Within this online holistic health action plan you will see recommendations to help shift any habits that are contributing to your current digestive issues.

The six foundations of wellness that are covered within this coaching program:

  • hydration and nutrition recommendations

  • activities and exercise recommendations

  • sleep management recommendations

  • stress and emotional awareness recommendations

  • reducing toxic load recommendations

  • natural tools and supplementation recommendations

Which areas we focus on will depend upon which areas need the most attention. This is one of the major benefits to this type of coaching program, everything is customized to you and your unique needs.

Nutrition coaching & journal monitoring

Each day you will complete an online journal so that I can see what foods you’re eating and how your body responds to those foods. Because nutrition is at the forefront of your digestive health, this process can help shift your health and mindset in a big way. As I detect patterns and see foods that are not serving you, I will include resources, recipes, and recommendations in subsequent action plans throughout your 6-weeks.


Every two weeks of our 6-weeks together, we will meet online or over the phone to update and revise the previous action plan as you progress. It will also give us the opportunity to connect and shift your goals as you start to realize that your potential is limitless.

Along with my support in our private coaching sessions, you will be added to a private Facebook group to interact with other like minded individuals that are also on a similar journey to you. This is where you can ask questions, share your wins, recipes, and challenges to get varied perspectives and encouragement.

added bonus content!!

As a thank you for taking a leap and trusting me to guide you through this phase of your health journey, I will be gifting you my Fit25 by Jenny B Fit e-book. This guide has 25 at-home workouts that you can do in 25 minutes or less with minimal equipment. These efficient and effective workouts help to strengthen and tone your body and can be modified to varying levels of experience.

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digestive freedom coaching program

6-weeks of guidance to help you shift from feeling heavy, tired, and frustrated, to lighter, more energized, and vibrant.

Investment: $480.00 +tax for the 6-weeks

We are only accepting 20 individuals into the fall 2019 program.